About Us

Since 2010

To make locations that entice people, we have worked with some of the great brands and most recent inventors. Since our company’s founding in 2010, DivineCo has completed numerous projects, but our goal has remained the same: to create iconic environments that spur success from the inside out. We do this more effectively, honestly, and to a higher standard than anybody else.

Who We Are

Since 2010, DivineCo has been building on its foundation of expert performance. For this reason, we have earned a reputation as the intelligent choice in construction. Whether you need General Contracting, Project Management, Design-Build or Restoration. we pride ourselves in an integrated team approach, strong relationships with clients, suppliers and consultants, and in our keen ability to liaise with municipal, provincial. Our innovative approach, superior craftsmanship, and exceptional service level allow us to forge effective long-term partnerships with our clients.

We design spaces that genuinely convey the attitude and narrative of your brand. The most important point of contact you’ll ever have with your customer comes the moment they step inside your doors – and we know what it takes to set a world class standard in hospitality, retail, and commercial spaces. A wide variety of building projects, including new builds, retrofits, and repurposed facilities, are handled by our DivineCo team. We source locations, collaborate with engineers, designers and architects; we assemble trustworthy construction teams and provide on-site management services. From start to finish, we bring your brand to life.

We Build Trust

We stand out because of our capacity for open and honest communication. With the help of our real-time project tracker, the procedure is streamlined and clients can track their projects from anywhere. Our project managers are continually delivering status updates, uploading images, and informing clients of significant milestones thanks to tablets that are present on every job site.

We Solve Problems

We work in the building industry. But above everything things, we're simply excellent problem solvers. Our team of in-house experts is constantly coming up with innovative solutions to problems, placing a focus on teamwork amongst stakeholders, architects, designers, engineers, and crafts

General Contracting 100%
Project Consulting 100%
Project Management 100%
Facility Maintenance 100%
Integrated Design 100%